Mrs. R. Radhika Diyali

It is with gratitude and anticipation a great things to come that take this opportunity to give my respect and heartily thanks to Rev. R. Stephen Diyali Founder/ Director and to all Board Members and Staffs.
Is the greatest desire of your heart and mind, to live for your future of you are fully persuaded that life has no greater purpose than your life, then you are probably looking for ways to translate desire into action. How can you equip yourself for the purpose for which you decided to study?
Sahara Christian Academy has been stepping forward to give education in Global ways. Since April 2003, when the SCA grew out of a vision in the hearts of Director Rev. R. Stephen Diyali, SCA has been committed to the authoritative as the standard of life and foundation for Academic.
“With grateful heart we remember the kind training you had given to our student’s in your school. All of them are studying in their; respective places for their bright future. We are very much indebted to you all and your institution for the help and service to us.” Our living credential is our students now doing their further studies.
Training and Teaching at SCA is a living learning experience rather then mere academic exercise. For those with the courage to discipline their mind, spirit and life style and for those with a vision, hence is the beginning of new opportunities. SCA Cherishes the educational idea found in the global world, I count all things but for loss for the Excellency of the knowledge of education/Academic.
SCA is committed to train children who will go forward. Because “life is too brief, time is too short, eternity is too long, accountability is too severe….for us to waste time in giving the education for illiteracy”.
I believe we are generating young (generation) children’s which could witness the fulfillment of their goal. I encourage you to take a decision to go forward send your children and enrolled at SCA as parts of that process in fulfilling the divine mandate.
Thank you and warm regards :-
Mrs. R. Radhika Diyali
Sahara Christian Academy Joshiyara, Uttarkashi.